A downloadable CBR+PNK Plugin

Word is on the streets about your exploits, runner.

We like your style.

Here, take our card.

Call if you need a hand, foo.

it's ok you can h a v e _ i t.

Mx. SMITH is a CBR+PNK Plugin that makes it more interesting for your team to call for external assistance during the Run.

This title is no longer compatible with the upcoming edition of CBR+PNK. Although its support will be discontinued, it may remain available for archival purposes.


cbrpnk_mxsmith.pdf 550 kB


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Deprecated? Is there a reason why this shouldn't or can't be used with the CBR+PNK v2 materials?


Hi, of course you can still use it, but the new Assets/Upgrades and Debt mechanics already cover it.


Cool! I'm figuring out what to fill out my KS rewards with, and this seemed like it would fit easily -- space is at a premium. I feel like it basically becomes the Assets/Debt fiction.


Indeed! I do like the "character", so I've dropped the name a couple of times in the new edition.